LIDR Trade on Oct 26, 2021 10:13 from smiyaki: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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WHY: Strong open and AH and PM runner. Pushed back up to test HOD after strong selling showing strength. Volume increasing, low float, huge volatility, bullish market environment.

HOW: Bought in starter on dip after push to test $7 resistance again, liked the buying on the tape and bought in full size on dip to 6.50s with sL under 6.40. Scaled out on the way up.

WHAT: Scaled a bit too much before push before halt, could have held on to a bit more. Starter was a bit high, could have been a bit more patient.

Risk: .20
RR: 5:1
Total R: 10R
Percentage of full size:

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-10-26 10:13:03 LIDR buy $6.680 long
2021-10-26 10:18:41 LIDR buy $6.530 long
2021-10-26 10:21:26 LIDR sell $6.840 long
2021-10-26 10:21:59 LIDR buy $6.870 long
2021-10-26 10:22:48 LIDR sell $7.150 long
2021-10-26 10:22:54 LIDR sell $7.220 long
2021-10-26 10:23:03 LIDR sell $7.340 long
2021-10-26 10:23:22 LIDR sell $7.360 long
2021-10-26 10:29:09 LIDR sell $8.400 long
2021-10-26 10:30:39 LIDR sell $8.900 0


Gravatar jujuvoodoo
October 27, 2021

Beautiful. Had very similar as well. Emotions got me after the first halt, selling on the down wick. love your entry off the tape.

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