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One of those stocks that you watch

- Here is where I took the flip on the trade. Wanted to scale in but wait for the level to confirm around the 233 break. The price action broke up and gave a small retraction that broke up even higher, added (sort of extended from optimal entry and third entry on the way up (even more extended). Ultimately the price action at this point was sort of at the maximum rally point and I ended getting out on the reversal indication. could have been a profitable trade but my entries really screwed it up.
- 3 indicators? Yes, first entry called for, second entry would have been called for too if it was close to the 234 break. Third entry would have been too far out at this point.
- Scaling? Yes.
- Partials? No.
- Risk management? Out on the consolidation break.
- What went right/wrong? Trade idea was right. Scaling was delayed.
- Successful trade? Technicals yes, emotionally I think I was imbalanced and the FOMO was the cause of my entries at extended price levels.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-11-20 09:37:45 TSLA buy $233.030 long
2023-11-20 09:42:03 TSLA buy $234.380 long
2023-11-20 09:42:15 TSLA buy $234.890 long
2023-11-20 09:44:27 TSLA sell $234.370 0

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