NKE Trade on Dec 21, 2023 16:17 from rrodriguez: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Shares traded: 14
Closed Gross P&L: $4.62


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What are the Most Important Tecnical Levels on Market?

  • 468.44 Support
  • 473.73 Resistance. #### How far is the market from important technical levels?
  • Market Puked the on the previous days closed, and gapped up this morning. attemped to fill the gap down near 469. #### Is the Market Trending Up or Down? Check Daily Chart.
  • overall market is trending up on daily.

What is moving the Market? Economic Calender Events for the day.

  • 730am jobless claims
  • 730am core pce
  • 730am gdp growth
  • 11am mortgage rates

Intraday Fundamentals (Stocks in Play) Catalysts:

  • Earnings Play Nike Q2 Sales $13.39B Miss $13.43B Estimate

Technical Analysis:

  • Have you Determined Long Term Technical Levels? I did not do this activity prior to the trade. work on planning daily levels ahead of time. Since this is an earnings play, i should be able to analyze with plenty of time. need to correct this.
  • Have you Determined Short Term Technical Levels? I did not plot Dec 21st intraday highs nor intraday lows ahead of time. Need to work on planning this. Take note on pre trade checklist.
  • Did you trade consistently on the same time frame? Yes, i traded off the 1 min with my 1min cloud and 5min clould.

Trading Checklist

  • Was I in control of my trading? Entry was good, exit was bad.
  • Did I manage my risk correctly? low risk since not enough buying power, but i was very nervous on losing money, but this would have been a winner.
  • Did I stay with my winners? No, i messed up, did not follow the exit strategy follow the 9ema exit strategy.
  • Did I add to my winning trades when they started to work? No, not enough buying power available.
  • Did I have enough size at conviction trades? maxed out buying power.
  • Did I break my trading rules? Exited too early ### Trade Management


Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2023-12-21 16:17:03 NKE -7 $119.500 -7
2023-12-21 16:17:26 NKE 7 $118.840 0

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