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Shares traded: 300
Closed Gross P&L: $32.00


AccountTZ Playbook Technical Breakout

Play Book Daily Report Card

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What are the Most Important Tecnical Levels on Market?

  • 473.73 level on SPY has since December 14th. Numerous bounces as both support and resistance.
  • 475.90 Current All time High. This is the next resistance to the top.
  • 471.46 next lower level as potential support. I would consider this a minor support.

How far is the market from important technical levels?

  • The Spy gapped up just over the 473.73 level. It was used as a base point 3 times ) open, 11am, 1230am, and at 2pm it cracked the level, it had room to go down to 471.46. Upon finding support, it bounced back up to 473.73, at which it hugged all afternoon.

Is the Market Trending Up or Down? Check Daily Chart.

  • SPy is trending up on the Daily. Strong Trend hugging the 9 EMA on the daily.

What is moving the Market? Economic Calender Events for the day.

  • Building Permits 630am
  • Core PCE Price Index 730am
  • Durable Goods Orders 730am
  • PCE Price index 730am
  • Michigan Inflation 9am
  • New Home sales 9am
  • Baker Hughes Rig Sales 12pm

Market started Going up at around 830am.

Intraday Fundamentals (Stocks in Play) Catalysts:

Stock up More than 100% premarket. This is appears to be a technical play from weeks earlier.
Dec 4th, 2023: NextPlay Technologies Receives Notice From Nasdaq Stating That It Did Not Comply With Listing Rule.
On Dec 11th, it broke out with no additional catalyst, and it popped up today randomly.

Technical Analysis:

  • Have you Determined Long Term Technical Levels? I failed to determine these levels in the premarket. I did it after the fact during Playbook analysis post market.
  • Have you Determined Short Term Technical Levels? I did not plot these levels in the morning, but i did see the critical 2.39 level range, i saw a potential breakout and went in with my hotkey Alt+1 for 100 shares. I did see that it had recovered VWAP, and was pulling off the 5min 9EMA.
  • Did you trade consistently on the same time frame? I did trade off the 1 min, with my 9EMA-20 and 5min 9-20EMA Cloudds with VWAP.

Trading Checklist

  • Was I in control of my trading? I overtraded today with other tickers that were not in play. This ticker was in play, and it turned out to be my best trade.
  • Did I manage my risk correctly? I was able to do a 35 cent risk at 100 shares, roughly 35 dollars. I would say its acceptable. Risked roughly 3% of my daily starting equity. Small account at 1300usd.
  • Did I stay with my winners? This trade was acceptable. Other trades were worse off.
  • Did I add to my winning trades when they started to work? I attemped to add to this trade, but it pulled back too much. I added on the push, instead of waiting for a pullback to add at support.
  • Did I have enough size at conviction trades? Yes, I went for the full 100 shares for reasonable risk.
  • Did I break my trading rules? I had a mental stop, it did not break. I should have gotten a physical stop in or at least a range order. During halts, I should set up multiple range orders to scale out at different levels. Lets add this to my rules going forward. ### Trade Management image

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2023-12-22 10:22:32 NXTP 100 $2.390 100
2023-12-22 10:23:29 NXTP -50 $2.500 50
2023-12-22 10:29:33 NXTP 50 $3.440 100
2023-12-22 10:30:00 NXTP -100 $3.180 0

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