FWBI Trade on Dec 27, 2023 09:30 from rrodriguez: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Shares traded: 200
Closed Gross P&L: $-48.44


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What are the Most Important Tecnical Levels on Market?

  • spy relatively flat near 475.90 level
  • next resistance 476.74
  • next support 473.73

Is the Market Trending Up or Down? Check Daily Chart.

  • it appears market broke resistance uptrend, and bounced off it. Feeling a potential pullback in the morning. Market chopped around below the upper trend line. hit the 476.64 trend line and closed at the line. it finally broke afterhours. i predict it will hit all time high before new years.

What is moving the Market? Economic Calender Events for the day.

  • redbook at 755am
  • richmond manufacturing index at 9
  • Dallas fed services at 930am
  • 17 and 2 year bill acutions at 1030 and 12pm These events did not move the market. no reaction in my opinion.

Intraday Fundamentals (Stocks in Play) Catalysts:

· Fwbi
    ► 249.9% gap
    ► 674k float
    ► 6.2mm shares so far
    ► Catalyst:First Wave BioPharma shares are trading higher after the company announced that it entered a non-binding term sheet to sell its Niclosamide program for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.
    ► 94.4% gap
    ► 822K float
    ► 8.0 mm shares traded today
    ► No news catalyst identified
    ► 36.0% gap
    ► 2.16m float
    ► 2.4m shares traded
    ► No news catalyst identified
· Nkgn
    ► 22.3% gap   6.15m float
    1.3mm shares traded 

NKGen Biotech Received No Objection Letter From Health Canada For Its Clinical Trial Application For Phase 1/2A Study For SNK01 Natural Killer Cell Therapy For Moderate Alzheimer's Disease; First Interim Data Are Expected In Q3 2024

Technical Analysis:

  • Have you Determined Long Term Technical Levels? Yes i did identfy them, but did not glance when trading at my tradingview. this caused me several errors today.

  • Have you Determined Short Term Technical Levels?

  • Did you trade consistently on the same time frame?

Trading Checklist

  • Was I in control of my trading? for FWBI, the entry was good since i got in with the expectation to break the premarket high of day 13.75 with my entry of 13.48. The stock did whip up to nearly 1pt above my entry. almost 2x the actual 40 cent risk. It was so fast before whipping back down and stopping me out. This would have been resolved with a range order. Im going to modify my hotkeys going forward. to get those quick pops where i cant react fast enough to sell. 1 pt move on a 20 cent stop is a great trade in my opinion, will need to improve.

  • Did I manage my risk correctly? The stock was whippy, and i went in with a 40cent stop loss. this was not good actually, because i got slippage. and exit at 13.00.

  • Did I stay with my winners? got stopped out.

  • Did I add to my winning trades when they started to work? did not have continuation.

  • Did I have enough size at conviction trades? did not have follow through on the stock.

  • Did I break my trading rules? No, it was acceptable.

    Trade Management

    see below

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2023-12-27 09:30:23 FWBI 100 $13.485 100
2023-12-27 09:31:58 FWBI -100 $13.001 0

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