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Shares traded: 400
Closed Gross P&L: $58.01


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What are the Most Important Tecnical Levels on Market?

  • spy relatively flat near 475.90 level
  • next resistance 476.74
  • next support 473.73

Is the Market Trending Up or Down? Check Daily Chart.

  • it appears market broke resistance uptrend, and bounced off it. Feeling a potential pullback in the morning. Market chopped around below the upper trend line. hit the 476.64 trend line and closed at the line. it finally broke afterhours. i predict it will hit all time high before new years.

What is moving the Market? Economic Calender Events for the day.

  • redbook at 755am
  • richmond manufacturing index at 9
  • Dallas fed services at 930am
  • 17 and 2 year bill acutions at 1030 and 12pm These events did not move the market. no reaction in my opinion.

Intraday Fundamentals (Stocks in Play) Catalysts:

· Fwbi
    ► 249.9% gap
    ► 674k float
    ► 6.2mm shares so far
    ► Catalyst:First Wave BioPharma shares are trading higher after the company announced that it entered a non-binding term sheet to sell its Niclosamide program for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.
    ► 94.4% gap
    ► 822K float
    ► 8.0 mm shares traded today
    ► No news catalyst identified
    ► 36.0% gap
    ► 2.16m float
    ► 2.4m shares traded
    ► No news catalyst identified
· Nkgn
    ► 22.3% gap   6.15m float
    1.3mm shares traded 

NKGen Biotech Received No Objection Letter From Health Canada For Its Clinical Trial Application For Phase 1/2A Study For SNK01 Natural Killer Cell Therapy For Moderate Alzheimer's Disease; First Interim Data Are Expected In Q3 2024

Technical Analysis:

  • Have you Determined Long Term Technical Levels? Yes i did identfy them, but did not glance when trading at my tradingview. this caused me several errors today. LESSON LEARNED. Document levels in List format.

  • Have you Determined Short Term Technical Levels?

  • Did you trade consistently on the same time frame?

Trading Checklist

  • Was I in control of my trading? Yes, i was trading in control in this trade. First entry was on par. It ripped up, and i think the 2nd entry was too high, i couls have probably bought lower in the micro pullback of the next candle.( 3rd minute of the open). I belive i had set up a limit order or range order and sold 1 tier at 4.95. , and the 2nd lot was sold below my second entry. wasted profit. but i sold off to ensure no red trade since i was fairly close to my average entry price of ( 4.46 avg entry). since i sold the last lot at 4.56, i made approximately 10 usd. it was acceptable.

  • Did I manage my risk correctly? risk was managed correctly. no drawdown on the trade. worked out immediately in the green.

  • Did I stay with my winners? i tried staying in with my trade as much as i could, but since i was already winning in this trade, i did not want to go red with my remaining lot.

  • Did I add to my winning trades when they started to work? yes i added to the winning trade.

  • Did I have enough size at conviction trades? did not have follow through on the stock. i tried building up to the 2nd Tier, it was acceptable.

  • Did I break my trading rules? im going to save this a s a playbook trade. Overall good trade.

    Trade Management

    see below

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2023-12-27 09:32:19 CING 100 $4.150 100
2023-12-27 09:34:00 CING 100 $4.780 200
2023-12-27 09:34:42 CING -100 $4.950 100
2023-12-27 09:36:17 CING -100 $4.560 0

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