DTSS Trade on Feb 14, 2024 10:02 from Magician: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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First short pretty straight forward added half once it showed a top and then added for a full position once it showed no strenght to the upside.

Second part of the trade I was playing a long once it failed to go down VWAP but it just had no strenght on the upside so instead of flipped short and added 2x my max size for a nice win.

I was looking to cover full at the low 9s/high 8s but since I was pretty down from that SMCI long I just covered to get back on track. I missed some adds on the downside to make it a bigger winner but I had a pretty good average and didnt wanna ruin that.

Improvement areas:
Patience with covers
Adding to a winner

Things done right:
Key areas identified (longs are a work in progress)

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2024-02-14 10:02:32 DTSS sell $16.750 short
2024-02-14 10:11:41 DTSS sell $14.900 short
2024-02-14 10:13:09 DTSS buy $14.140 short
2024-02-14 10:15:01 DTSS buy $13.740 short
2024-02-14 10:17:06 DTSS buy $13.680 short
2024-02-14 10:17:59 DTSS buy $13.890 0
2024-02-14 11:06:08 DTSS buy $16.700 long
2024-02-14 11:13:00 DTSS sell $14.400 0
2024-02-14 11:13:00 DTSS sell $14.400 short
2024-02-14 11:27:58 DTSS buy $15.790 short
2024-02-14 11:28:43 DTSS sell $15.400 short
2024-02-14 11:40:32 DTSS buy $15.360 0
2024-02-14 11:43:51 DTSS sell $15.020 short
2024-02-14 12:00:35 DTSS sell $14.160 short
2024-02-14 12:04:10 DTSS sell $12.890 short
2024-02-14 12:57:16 DTSS buy $10.640 short
2024-02-14 12:57:47 DTSS buy $10.620 0

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